Arlington Plumbing Repair

Plumber Dude’s Arlington plumbing repair is now accepting new clients in Arlington and the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive services, including leak detection, installation, inspections and plumbing repair in Arlington TX. Because plumbing is such a necessity for a comfortable and livable home, we understand and value the trust you place in our service team, and we push ourselves to exceed your expectations every time.

Our Arlington leak detection is one of our services that also stands as a preventative measure. If left unchecked, a leak in your plumbing will only get worse until the damage done is beyond disastrous. This is why our Arlington leak detection team works so thoroughly to insure that nothing slips past us. Our system, tried and true, will search every nook and cranny until any leaks are detected, allowing us to repair them quickly and efficiently.

In addition to Arlington leak detection, our comprehensive Arlington plumbing repair services will cover any repairs to both plumbing and gas lines. Plumbing and gas lines affect many aspects of your daily life: cooking, cleaning, hygiene, warmth and more. Without these vital features, your house may not feel like a home. This is why Plumber Dude’s offers:

●      Gas line installation

●      Installation and maintenance of gas heaters and furnaces

●      Installation and maintenance of central heating units

●      Gas line inspections

●      Comprehensive repair of damaged gas lines

●      Water filtration services

●      Comprehensive pipe and leak repair

We also offer all of this on both a scheduled and emergency basis. If you come home to a plumbing or gas line-related catastrophe, our team will be there to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you have questions regarding your individual situation, please feel free to email us at You can also call 972-296-0551 or 972-296-0553 for more information.

Plumber Dude’s Arlington plumbing repair wants to focus on you and your needs. Each home is different, as is each client; we shape our service around your schedule and interests every time. Contact us today for a quote or more information.